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What you are seeking, is seeking you. ~ Rumi

Are you an independent, well-liked, fun and intelligent woman who still hasn’t found the right man? The right job? The right tribe for you?

Are you admired by your friends, family, husband, colleagues and even former lovers but still feel unhappy and lonely?

Do you feel like if you just had this one particular piece of your life in order then everything else might flow more easily?

When you have a need that is not being met, it can show up in the form of unhappiness, frustration, unexplainable outbursts and unstable relationships.
Often times, your life appears so good on the outside that you resist questioning your happiness on the inside.

But you don’t feel joy on the inside. You are not fully satisfied with how your life is flowing and you don’t know what to do.

Do you know what your deepest desires are? Do you understand why they remain a desire and not a reality? Is it time to have guidance to clinch what you know is possible, yet haven’t manifested it yet?

Getting What You Want is about finding alignment in your life. It’s about getting real on what is fantasy and what is desire. It’s about understanding your wants and needs, the difference between them and the power in both of them.
It’s about setting yourself free so you can soar to new heights.

What We Cover

  • Recognize and transform unhealthy thought patterns
  • Find clarity around your unmet needs and desires and the impact this has on your life
  • Distinguish your desires from your fantasies and merge the two

  • Alignment of your thoughts, words and actions

  • Balance your feminine and masculine energies

  • Address and release wounds from the past

  • Integrate forgiveness and the magic of gratitude into your daily life

  • Find your voice; communicate with more ease and efficacy

  • Self-Care and embracing it’s importance

  • Create an action plan for addressing the lack of satisfaction in your life

  • Consciously make space in your life for Fun

  • Harmonize connection between your head and your heart

Package Details

Welcome Packet Questionaire

90 minute Intensive

12 hours of Skype calls, 1 per week for 12 weeks

Email support during the week

Personal projects, assignments, readings according to your individual needs

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