Controlling to Compelling

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Achieve more in less time with greater ease!

Are you living the life of ‘there’s just not enough time in the day’ and you’re constantly checking off your To Do list as quickly as you add to it?

Do you wish you had more free time for yourself? Your creative side? For more fun? Or even just a nap?

Do you experience tension, lethargy, anger and resentment in any of your relationships? Do you struggle at finding a solution or simply letting go?

Are your passions, desires and deeper connections with your mate, friends and family on the back burner waiting for the perfect time; when all your other STUFF is done, everything is ‘under control’ and you actually have some extra time, maybe even extra money to give it more attention?

I dare you to consider that life in reverse!

That by FIRST giving time and attention to your joy, your passions and your challenging relationships and NOT waiting for everything to be done and in perfect order… you WILL have even more time to address your To Do list, you will experience more energy, your life will feel more harmonious and in tune with true self and your achievements will not diminish.

Controlling to Compelling is about learning to let go of the grip we have on accomplishing, of always doing the “right” thing in the perfect order and allow for a life of ease and enjoyment.

It’s about redefining values, expectations and learning to trust a calmer and more fresh flow of life without interfering.

It’s about realizing that by creating more space in your life for the people you love and the passions that make your heart beat faster FIRST, you will actually accomplish more on your To do list, in less time and with greater ease.

What We Cover

  • Find and release the blocks that drain your personal power and inhibits you from being your best self

  • Clearly identify your burning desire; a passion, a better relationship, excelling in current business or career

  • Discover habits and patterns in your past relationships that no longer serve you

  • Create boundaries that are right for you and learn how to enforce them

  • Cultivate more courage to be and love your true self

  • Integrate into your life more fully your passions

  • Release fears that have blocked love and joy from coming into your life

  • Identify old habits and patterns that constantly keep you in Doing mode

  • Integrate the power of feminine energy into your life

  • Come to peace with the parts of you that are less desirable

  • Learn why control is causing you to suffer in your personal life and relationships

Package details

Welcome Packet Questionaire

90 minute Intensive

12 hours of Skype calls, 1 per week for 12 weeks

Email support during the week

Personal projects, assignments, readings according to your individual needs

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