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my story

My life was nothing short of adventurous, spontaneous and global. I really knew how to live the great life!

Biking around Tuscany, Italy and showing people how you make wine and olive oil, hiking around all the US National Parks, skydiving over Las Vegas and taking surf lessons in Sayulita, Mexico all with 13 curious foreigners…was my norm for several years.

I continued that global path of adventure by starting my own bespoke travel company for small elite groups traveling to Brazil, USA, Canada, and Italy…getting paid to be a personal guide and translate was my dream job and I created it early in life!

I then spent several years assisting kids with various disabilities integrating socially by teaching them to snow ski and accompanied one autistic girl in particular on several family vacations to the sea. That was incredibly rewarding and fun too.

Though with all the adventure and excitement in my life, there was also the “behind the scenes.”
Countless change of address forms, the storage units of all sizes and locations, living stints at my parents house well beyond the reasonable age for living with parents, fluctuating friendships, short-lived romantic encounters, financial zig-zagging where feast or famine became the norm, the numerous side gigs with nearly zero use of my very expensive college degrees and enough hello and goodbyes to strain even the hardest of hearts.

During one of those periods of crashing at my mother’s until my next international gig came through, I attended this one very special yoga class. It was a DJ led/Hindu storytelling yoga class where a story (Ganesha and Kartikeya Race Around the World) invoked a quick split vision of my life.
One vision was a continuation of my very familiar spontaneous, frenetic, and global adventurous life ALONE. The other vision was something new; a life with greater purpose, deeper, more meaningful and long-lasting relationships, financial stability and more time to address repressed desires I knew were sitting, not so patiently, on the back burner.

Living an unorthodox sort of life for so many years, I had been at this crossroads numerous times and I always chose what was most familiar to me and what appeared to be the great life.

This time, however, the “behind the scenes” was too painful. The strain within my relationships caused by my coming and going all the time, the frustration of having little financial reward for all I had done over the years, and the loneliness of being on this adventurous path alone were begging me to chose something else.

This time I paid attention to the inner turmoil. I decided I wanted to be as joyful and authentic on the inside as I appeared to be on the outside. I knew that no next cool gig or plane ticket was going to get me there. “No matter where you go, there you are” reverberated in my ears night and day.

I made the choice to choose something different, though with that, I found myself stuck, frustrated, upset at having arrived at this point of desperation and felt totally overwhelmed with the questions “What do I want to do for the next phase of my life and when the heck will I figure it out?” I gave into the fact that I simply didn’t know and I needed help. So I hired a Career Coach.

I came to her knowing very well my skills, my passions, and a couple business plans I had been mulling over. And then, the real work began. We uncovered the blocks, the hidden fears, the unconscious beliefs and patterns that had held me back for years of truly choosing a life path that is in alignment with my values and desires.
This process is what led me to realize that becoming a coach myself is what my whole life up to that moment had been made of. The amount of gratitude, of complete inner peace and sheer amazement that I felt in that instant of realization was more than I could handle and I burst out into tears and laughter at the same time!

Now I have the honor of assisting other women in their personal and professional growth and to find within them their true desires, to nurture and pursue those without apology, leading to a more fulfilling and joyous life!

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