I bet your Secret Desire is Inhibiting your Happiness..

#MOM AND TRANSFORMATIONAL COACH The last time we connected I was nearly on my way to bringing a new human being into the world! What a journey the past few months have been.  She is here. Her name is Aria Grace Simpson and she is perfect!  More on that in later days. My question to you is...how are [...]


The Greatest Manifestations of LOVE.

The greatest manifestations of LOVE. 2.5 years ago, I was employed only part time.  It was 20 hours a week of official work, though half a lifetime of emotional work. I loved it, though it was not sustainable and barely covered my monthly bills. I was not dating and had no men on the horizons. I had [...]


What I have done for LOVE…

Of the many stories that I could tell you on what I have done for love, this one had me crossing the ocean. Many of you know that Italy has been a part of my life for the past 20 years.  My very first visit there was with my Italo-American boyfriend in my early 20’s. [...]


Live for TODAY (Oggi in Italiano).

Happy Sunday…after living in Italy, Sunday became my favorite day of the week.  It went from the panicked Sunday blues where I had put off school work/adult work and the thought of the week beginning all over again created a lot of angst.  While it Italy, it was officially sleep in day, then lingering slowly [...]


The Unexpected Happens and when it does…

The unexpected happened and here’s what came of it: Everything is temporary. Every situation has a silver lining that is always present, even in the thick of things. At any given moment, there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for. Pay attention or pay with pain. Sometimes what is forced upon you is actually in [...]


and most of all…TRUST.

Have you noticed times in your life where “If this hadn’t happened, that wouldn’t have happened?” or “If I had never met that person, I would have never experienced this” or “If that misfortune never occurred, I would have never had the opportunity for this…?” If you take a close look, a streaming line of [...]


Are you blocking LOVE or blindly in LOVE??

Hello beautiful souls!!! What are you waiting for? More love to just show up on your doorstep? Even if it did, would you recognize it? What about your own self-love?  Aren’t you worth spending extra time, extra money and extra care on you? If not you, then who will? I say you are worth it! [...]


A BIG LOVE offer!!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner.... Many of us agree that it can be a rather fabricated Hallmark holiday with an emphasis on chocolate and roses, however, it’s origins are based in love and romance. So let’s talk about this love part. We know that this is the theme for the February 14th day, [...]


Wild AND Well-Balanced!

Hello friends! In my earlier years, I had a best friend who either had a mental breakdown or a spiritual awakening. She was wild.  Acing all of her college exams after studying with a glass of wine in one hand, a joint in the other and electronic music blasting in her ears Once she showed [...]


Your Life’s Inventory Wheel

What area of your life could use more attention?  Less attention? Do you feel happy and satisfied with your friends, though your puffing your way up one flight of stairs? Do you have a regular meditation practice yet can't afford to buy more candles for sweeter ambiance? Are you a well oiled wheel rolling smoothly along your path or are [...]

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