Live for TODAY (Oggi in Italiano).

Happy Sunday…after living in Italy, Sunday became my favorite day of the week.  It went from the panicked Sunday blues where I had put off school work/adult work and the thought of the week beginning all over again created a lot of angst.  While it Italy, it was officially sleep in day, then lingering slowly over a cappuccino and pastry at the bustling pasticceria, then usually another of both followed by a stroll in the park or around the city for window shopping. Lunch began late and ended late though somehow rolled right into a lazy pizza dinner to end the evening.

I’m not sure exactly when I released the stress of not getting what I needed to get done before the start of the new week, though I believe it all began and begins in LIVING IN THE PRESENT MOMENT.

Moments make up minutes, make up hours, make up days, make up weeks, make up months, make up years, make up a lifetime.  AND…it all begins in that ONE MOMENT.

Live for the moment.

It’s all we really have.

Be present.

Once you realize these ideas are not cliché, your life will change.

The word for TODAY in Italian is OGGI (pronounced Ohh Gee)

My name is Jill, which in Italy, is often pronounced Geeeelll.

Much like we say, Hey Jill! (How ya doing?)

They say Oh Geeelll! (Come stai?)

Because so many Italian names are at least 3-4 syllables (Rafaella, Domenico, Giovanni) they will simply cut your name and call you by the first part of your name.

Well, my name is short and sweet, however, they still apply the shortening and so, my name became Ji: pronounced Gee.

Put that together with Oh! And you get Oh Gee.  Which is the same pronunciation as OGGI, meaning TODAY.


As family would come to Italy and visit me, they caught onto this nickname and brought it back to the States.  It has stuck and so now I am often, ‘G.’  (englishly simplified:-) )


I love how language evolves, transforms, and conveys feelings (especially endearment).

My nickname gives me that instant reminder of TODAY/OGGI.  Be in today. Don’t worry about tomorrow or dwell on yesterday.

So, start today. Notice your breath, feel a slight breeze, listen to your voices tone, look into the eyes of who you are speaking to, take that precious moment and thank yourself for being exactly who you are.

Happy Today.




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