The Unexpected Happens and when it does…

The unexpected happened and here’s what came of it:

  • Everything is temporary.
  • Every situation has a silver lining that is always present, even in the thick of things.
  • At any given moment, there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for.
  • Pay attention or pay with pain.
  • Sometimes what is forced upon you is actually in alignment with exactly what you need and weren’t able to see if for yourself.

I kept hearing “Nothing ever goes as planned,” so be flexible, expect the unexpected, etc.

Well, as I contemplated this I noticed a couple of things.

First, most things do go as we plan. Take your daily routine for example. Wake up, meditate, get dressed, eat breakfast, brush your teeth, or whatever it may be…I am guessing that the majority of the days, the flow is mostly the same.

Secondly, the truth is, it’s when things don’t go as planned that we notice it or a take a greater interest in our life. Something happens out of the ordinary and it gets our attention.

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it one thousand times: Living in gratitude for it ALL perpetuates happiness. The mundane, the spontaneous, the challenges and the joys; life is a mixed bag though in every moment we get to choose something to be grateful for.  And, being grateful is a great exercise for being PRESENT which is where magic lies.

Are you stuck in your patterns? Are you wishing for some changes?

Does life flow smoothly and then suddenly erupt into chaos?

I understand and I’m willing to bet it’s not something new and random.


If you’re wanting and willing to address it, then we need to chat!



A few weeks ago, I experienced a BIG plot change, an instantaneous twist in plans, which led to my bullet points at the top.

Some of you may or may not know, but currently I am 35 weeks pregnant.  At 30 weeks, I went into pre-labor contractions occurring every 2-5 minutes. Too early for baby to come out!

Up until this incident, my pregnancy had been a breeze. No nausea, reduced energy, water retention, bloating…nothing. Other than expanding at the waistline and immense excitement, life has been the same.

I’ve continued to work, exercise, eat the same, sleep regularly, sometimes forgetting peoples names, but I’m not sure that has anything to do with my pregnancy.

I went on a fabulous vacation with my guy…starting in Maui, Hawaii, onto Chicago to visit my family and then to Ohio to visit his. We experienced a wonderful mix of lazy beach days, snorkeling, scrumptious dinners and poolside service in Hawaii. Then onto city energy in Chicago where we roamed down the Miracle Mile of shopping bliss and hit the NHL Blackhawks game, which they broke a month long loosing streak scoring 7 goals. Lastly, we wound down at my in-laws home where we slept in, watched the winter Olympics, cooked Greek specialties and had multiple hour long conversations around the dinner table.

2 nights before returning home, I experienced what I thought was simply my baby stirring around, stretching out and definitely making me aware that I had a very alive little human being inside of me. Of course I checked the internet with everything I was feeling to assure myself that everything was ok.

As well, these crazy movements that totally made my stomach into oblong shapes only happened at night.

Our last flight home was a doozy. We had to make an emergency stop to fill up on fuel. Right?? The captain said that the head winds were much stronger than they had planned  and was consuming more gas than we had to complete our flight back home. We touched down somewhere in South Dakota and after about an hour of refueling and waiting for all the documents to go through, the Captain came on the speaker again and said… “Sorry, folks, we will be here another 20-30 minutes as now, because of all the bathroom use while we have been parked, we have run out of water and need to refill those tanks.”

We did make it home about 90 minutes late, though plans had to change swiftly as kids needed to be picked up from school and taken to their various afterschool activity ASAP and I had a yoga teacher training to be at in 20 minutes and then a big 70th Birthday party bash afterwards where many friends and family were expecting to see me.

Ok. So these crazy abdominal movements and contortions were actually contractions. And that last day of travel, they weren’t just a night thing. They must have started up somewhere between take off and landing during our last flight.

And…well, I had things to do and people to see and plans to maintain and so I kept on keeping on.

Until the next morning after the most restless night of sleep and continuous contractions (though still not fully realizing what they were…just that they were uncomfortable and I’d had enough.)

I called my doctor and he told me to meet him at the hospital ASAP. Really?!?!?! Wow. Ok. He sounded serious.

When I got there, they put me on monitors calculating that I was having contractions every 2-5 minutes. They gave me a shot to stop/slow them, then another, then an oral medication but nothing slowed them down to a safe rate.

Then came the IV of Magnesium Sulfate, which was effective and also made me sick as hell.

Needless to say, the antepardom floor of the hospital was where I stayed on bed rest for the following week.


First, after revealing to my doctor what my last 2 weeks had been like, I realized that I had overdone it and my body forced a big halt. 8 airplane take offs and landings probably didn’t help.

But what Now? I had my work schedule fully lined up for the next month, 2 workshops, yoga training to complete and a baby shower plus party invitations already out.

This is what Now. My only hope in getting out of the hospital was to commit 100% to bed rest at home. No cooking, no lifting, no Nothing for the next 8 weeks.

It had to be a full surrender to a new reality, a plot twist, an unexpected that changed my life overnight.

I’m on week 5 and this is what I have to say:

  • Everything is temporary.
  • Every situation has a silver lining that is always present, even in the thick of things.
  • At any given moment, there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for.
  • Pay attention or pay with pain.
  • Sometimes what is forced upon you is actually in alignment with exactly what you need and weren’t able to see if for yourself.

Peace and joy to all of you. I am grateful that you exist!

Love, JILL



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