Wild AND Well-Balanced!

Hello friends!

In my earlier years, I had a best friend who either had a mental breakdown or a spiritual awakening.

She was wild.  Acing all of her college exams after studying with a glass of wine in one hand, a joint in the other and electronic music blasting in her ears

Once she showed up incredibly late for an important dinner we had planned at our favorite restaurant. Why?  On the way there, she got entirely entranced by the sunset, pulled over to watch it and when she continued on her way, she did so IN THE WRONG DIRECTION and got lost.  (we didn’t use cell phones back then…)

She was devouring books daily like Thich Nat Hanh: Peace is Every Step and Tony Robbins-Awaken the Giant Within and passing them on as quickly as she finished them.

5 months earlier, this friend of mine had started practicing this thing called yoga, had fallen madly in love with a guy from the next town over and was making more money than any of us had ever seen.

This friend of mine was confident, on the move, and full of happiness.  Her energy was contagious! Being with her was a Wild ride!

This friend of mine was actually me.

Behind the scenes of me:

  • A weekly schedule to the beat of maybe 4 hours of sleep a night followed by a full day and night sleep reset after about a week. Hit replay.
  • My thoughts streaming to a pace that in order for me to remember everything, I had a Dictaphone in hand most of the time.
  • An absolute 6k run every morning regardless of the weather, my mood or how my body felt.
  • Driving my car at mach speeds and always testing how far I could go when the Empty light went on.  (quite a metaphor for how I was treating my mind and body)

And then, eventually, I either had a mental breakdown or a spiritual awakening.  I was stripped of most everything and left with a very clear and simple one word message:  BALANCE.

So why do I share with you snippets of my adolescent days of over-consumption and under sleeping?  Sure, in our youth we had less responsibilities, more freedom, and more energy,
I see in so many adult women today, not much has changed:

  • We work all week and catch up on sleep during the weekends.
  • Instead of a Dictaphone in hand, we have our never ending To Do list.
  • We have one outlet for stress and insist on it regardless of how our mind and body actually feel at the time.
  • We often run ourselves on High even if and when our energy is Low.

We are still on a Wild ride and while Wild isn’t bad,  without Balance, it’s detrimental.  Without Balance, something in our life is always suffering; our health, our relationships, our finances, our career, etc.

As an adult, living in a society of endless opportunity and responsibility in a pace that sometimes seems bullet speed, without Balance, we are stressed out, strung out and ultimately a bit, if not VERY unhappy.

Feelings of guilt for not having enough time to spend with our loved ones creep in.

Being too busy to eat healthy foods strips us of our otherwise natural energy reserves.

Making enough money to pay our bills with just a little extra leftover certainly doesn’t leave us feeling free to buy that ticket to Bali, spend a week at writing retreat or remodel our kitchen…. the something extra that actually feeds our yearning soul.

Our lives are out of balance.  WE are out of balance.  No matter how good a particular area of our life is, there’s always a thread of discontentment because another part of our life is totally suffering.

Do you feel it?
Do you feel content in your relationships though unhappiness encroaches upon you because your finances are in the dumps?
Are you striving to get everything done, covering all bases so that you can just have a free hour to catch up with friends?
Are you getting in your daily dose of exercise but when it comes to eating, you take whatever is quick and convenient because you have to get back to work?

The good news is that Balance is possible.  It’s liberating.  It’s invigorating.  It’s very personal and it’s in alignment with your true self.  It leads to peace, contentment and freedom.

Your Wildly Well- Balanced life is available and waiting  for you, AS AM I.

Sincerely yours,
Jill xoxo

Jill Simpson
Wildly Well-Balanced Life Coaching

P.S.  3 Ways to start Balancing your Life NOW:
1. Book a free call with me.

2. Email me with the one thing you know is totally out of Balance.

3. Take a nap:-)  No one is truly balanced when they are tired.


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