Your Life’s Inventory Wheel

What area of your life could use more attention?  Less attention?
Do you feel happy and satisfied with your friends, though your puffing your way up one flight of stairs?
Do you have a regular meditation practice yet can’t afford to buy more candles for sweeter ambiance?
Are you a well oiled wheel rolling smoothly along your path or are you zig-zagging down the road hitting every pothole in front of you.Sometimes life can feel a bit awkward to navigate, but if we don’t know where we are, then we surely won’t get to where we want to go!

Here is a great way to take an inventory of your life’s overall health and balance.

  1. Draw a wheel with 5 spokes.
  2. Label each spoke with the following categories:

PHYICAL HEALTH (diet, exercise, activity)

MENTAL/EMOTIONAL HEALTH (intellectual engagement, happiness, tranquility)

FINANCIAL HEALTH (debt, investments, currency prosperity)

RELATIONSHIP HEALTH (family, co-workers, spouse, partner)

SPIRITUAL HEALTH (connectivity, higher purpose, peace)

  1. On each spoke, with the center being 0 and the wheel being 10, give yourself a “score” by making a dot on the spoke line.  (10 is thriving, 0 is barely surviving.)
  2. Connect the dots.

What’s the shape?  Another circle or some other funky shape? Would your wheel flow smoothly down the road or is it a bumpy ride?

And there you have it before your eyes: exactly where you either ARE or are NOT in balance and the area of your life that is thriving or merely surviving.

I don’t believe that we have to be scoring 10’s in every area of our life or that each area has to be in perfect balance everyday to be happy, joyful and vibrant.  In fact, think of a playground teeter-totter.
What happens when it is perfectly balanced?

However, I do believe that all aspects of our life are interconnected and to experience a full, expansive, life of longevity and well being, each aspect deserves our attention.

How soon would you like to roll on down the road smoothly and easily?
Hop on your bike and let’s cruise on down the road together!
Most Sincerely Yours,
Jill xx

Personal Growth Coach

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If balance is what you need in your life to thrive, to live more freely and to feel at peace on your path, then let’s chat!  Book your free 30 minutes here:

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