Why I’m here for you Now.

Have you ever heard that the only 2 body parts that never stop growing are your ears and nose?  Physically that may be true, but metaphysically, we have a choice.

Are you consciously choosing something to grow or it’s all nose and ears?

I recently did an exercise in which I wrote about 3 people in my same field of work who I admired, was inspired by and WHY.  Then, the same exercise for any other 3 people.  WHY being the key part to the exercise.
The common thread for all 6 of these people (who by the way were a myriad of race, gender and age) was that Personal Growth was incredibly apparent in their lives.  Regardless of their background, where they lived, or what they did for a living – their health, their attitudes, their level of wealth, vitality and happiness all reflected their dedication to Personal Growth in their lives.

Have you ever experienced those ah-ha moments of something SO clear and obvious, yet until that moment you had never seen or embodied it in that way?
It was gracefully and firmly pointed out to me that I too possess this common thread.  I too have continuously dedicated time, energy and money to personal growth and my life shows it!  Through countless seminars, retreats, books, meditation, journeys to the jungle, leaps and set backs, traumas, rags, riches, abuse, life threatening injuries, true love, career changes, entrepreneurship, … though out it ALL, the built in desire to grow and to know myself has kept me continually re-booting and coming forth, flourishing and thriving.

As for my ah-ha moment:  To encourage and guide you in your personal growth  is WHY I am here for you now.

I tell you this so that if you are dedicated to personal growth you can be more like me?  No Way.
If you are dedicated to personal growth, YOU CAN BE MORE LIKE YOU!

At any time in our lives, we can begin.  We can come forth.  We can expand.  We can evolve.  WE CAN GROW. We can change our patterns.  We can choose a new way.  We can self explore AND grow up until our very last breath…if we choose to.

So, what do you choose?

Do you want to continue to have those doubts about what you said to your colleague, friend or partner or do you want to finally speak your truth?

Do you want to continue to drag your ars into work everyday because that’s what you studied to be and it provides good benefits or do you want to wake up knowing that the world truly needs exactly what you have to offer?

Do you want to continue smiling while nodding your head yes to your parents even though your beliefs around sex, love, marriage, career, travel, you name it are WAAAAY DIFFERENT or would you like to feel free to more authentically express what YOU believe?

What personal part of your life is screaming at you to grow, to change? to gain new perspective? to shift? to begin?

**Come forth NOW to flourish and thrive.**  A free 30 minutes could provide the split second ah-ha moment you needed!    CLICK below to book it.

Cheers to your personal growth!
Most sincerely yours,

P.S.  Don’t know the part of your life that needs the most attention?  My next email will describe a fun and easy way to “take inventory.”


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