What’s your SOUL have to say about that?

Are you spending more time doing what you love or what you should do….what you want to do or what you have to do?
If your doing more should’s and have to’s, than love and want to, chances are you’re stuck, your SOUL is SUFFERING and so are you.
Did you ever step back and ask Why am I doing this? Usually our ego will give us loads of logical answers to this question because it doesn’t want to disrupt our schedule, our security or our sense of identity. 
But those small (and sometimes very large!) breakdowns of discontentment are there for a reason.  They are the voice of your soul begging you to pursue your desires, have a new experience, start a new career, have that talk with your mate, enroll in a yoga class, learn how to cook, visit a new city or country.
Whatever it is, big or small, why not listen a little more closely? When does it speak?  How does it feel? Is it loud and clear? soft and subtle?
It may not seem logical or even possible, but that is the beauty of soul talk.  It’s coming from your heart and if you listen, it will guide your actions into POSSIBLE before you know it!

What are putting on hold?  Hit reply and tell me in 1-10 words.  I would love to hear from you and I read all responses.
A fan of your soul,
Jill xoxo




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