4 Tips for Harmony During the Holidays

Harmony during the holidays, but how about all the time?

We all know that life changes a bit around the holidays…maybe there are more intense family encounters, social expectations and overall more stress.

Do you feel it?

And then there’s all the shopping deals, spirits and sweets galore, holiday obligations, religious practices heightened.

And this is supposed to be a season of Joy?

Whatever the case may be, life can seem a little different.  But let us not forget that actually, all the “normal” pieces of life still exist.

We still need to eat, sleep, work, go to school, pay bills; we still need to show up!

That’s right! We still need to show up and how wonderful would it be if we did so in a glowing, healthy and happy way?!?!?

Below are my tips to creating more harmony in your life during the holidays and EVERYDAY.


  1. Imagine a ray of light going from your heart to someone elses. Many times, especially during the holidays, we come in contact with people who are in need and we don’t know how to help.  Some may need food and shelter, others a smile and a pep talk.  We can’t help everyone all the time, but we can send good vibes their way.  It may take a bit of faith that this one works, because results may not be visable and instant, but trust me, with intention, it does.  And if a heart to heart light laser is too intimidating or it may seem too obvious, you can “blast” them with your heart light in the middle of their back too.
  2. Take hot baths with Epsom salts and essential oils. The Epsom salts can detox your body while the oils relax it. (I especially like Lavendar and Sandalwood) Make it extra hot should you not be fully ready to step in when the tub is full.  Light a candle, play soft music…do whatever will maximize your relaxation for the amount of time you have to dedicate to it.  By the way, 15 minutes of deep relaxation can give you hours of stamina.  It’s worth it.  Find the time. Your body will thank you for it.
  3. I know.  We are hearing this all the time.  So what’s stopping you?  I propose to make it as simple as possible. Don’t get stuck in the details. 10-15 minutes of quiet sitting will do. You don’t need an alter, you don’t need to light a candle, you don’t need to follow an app, JUST SIT QUIETLY FOR 10-15 MINUTES and do it everyday. When the Dali Lama was asked “During frenetic times when your life is so busy, traveling, visiting nations, giving speeches, and you have less personal time, what happens to your meditation practice?”  He responded, “I meditate MORE.”  Yes, it’s the holidays…MEDITATE. (See P.S. note below)
  4. Bless your food. I’m not religious!  I don’t say prayers.  I get it.  You don’t have to, though a moment of quiet thanks before shoveling it in can result in greater nourishment and healthier digestion.  Take it a step further and create an intention around mealtime.  What do you need more or less than in your life?  Quietly ask for that before taking a bite.  Or get your gratitude game on.  What all had to happen, for this food to arrive on my fork?  Food is something we all need to survive.  Make it a power moment and see what it does to your overall well-being.


Small actions, with big results.  Go for it!  What have you got to loose?  A mediocre life for a good one?  A good life for a great one?  A great one for an extraordinary one?  Take the next step!:-)

In love, lightness and darkness, I see you.


P.S.  I, along with others in my tribe are joining in meditation wherever we are, for as long or as short as we choose, some days or every day for the month of December from 7 AM – 8 AM Mountain Standard Time.  Join as you please and know that at that moment you are loved.


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