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It CAN BE in 2018!

Hello sweet human being of 2018, The holidays are in the past; the hype, the excitement, the extended family dynamics.  The sweets have been consumed, gifts given and received. It’s now a period of re-grouping, grounding and rolling back into a “normal” routine.  As humans, we naturally find comfort in routine.  It’s predictable and we know [...]


Happy Holidays!

Wherever you may be, however you may celebrate, and to all that you feel during the holidays, I wish you peace in your mind and joy in your heart.  Happy holidays all around the world.  A deep thanks and bow for being in mine. Love, Jill


Get What You Want!

Hello beautiful people! Often times the holidays at the end of the year and beginning of a new year, prompts contemplation. It may ignite memories of successes or failures over the course of this year and new ideas or intentions for the upcoming year. I find it a tricky time to balance family, work, additions [...]


One Present Step at a Time

Do you find yourself second-guessing what you just said or did? Do you wake up in the middle of the night re-evaluating a decision you made and continue to play out different scenarios? Do you anticipate having a difficult conversation by imagining what you will say and then how the other person will respond? Do [...]


4 Tips for Harmony During the Holidays

Harmony during the holidays, but how about all the time? We all know that life changes a bit around the holidays…maybe there are more intense family encounters, social expectations and overall more stress. Do you feel it? And then there’s all the shopping deals, spirits and sweets galore, holiday obligations, religious practices heightened. And this [...]


Control issues? Yeah right…not me.

Control issues?  Yeah right…not me.  I was the cool girl, going with flow, easy does it type of demeanor. I hadn’t met “my man”, but hey....life was All Good.  I was traveling internationally for work and play, dictating my own schedule, hitting live music venues by night and meeting friends for coffee by day. And…I [...]

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