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Hello beautiful people!
Often times the holidays at the end of the year and beginning of a new year, prompts contemplation. It may ignite memories of successes or failures over the course of this year and new ideas or intentions for the upcoming year.

I find it a tricky time to balance family, work, additions to an already full schedule, unpredictable weather, physical and emotional well being, and sometimes other peoples less than jolly attitudes.
Do you?
For several years, I had made those famous New Year’s resolutions, but what I realized is that they were made during the chaos of December and by mid-January, when things settled…they didn’t really stick. I hadn’t made them with clarity and of true intention.

Another thing I realized is that I felt the pressure of the collective consciousness to start the New Year with a bang! Fresh start! New habits! New goals! And on and on! But I wasn’t coming from a warm and centered place within myself.

I’m not saying there isn’t opportunity for all of this. In fact, using the collective energy this time of the year can be very powerful IF you are grounded in what is true for you, your deepest desires and your greatest needs at this time in your life.

Are you struggling in your relationship/s? Is there one in which you’d like to feel more excitement and peace?

Would you like to take a big trip overseas? Too scared? Can’t find the time or enough money?

Would you like to improve your relationship with money? Re-write that story that has been heavy your entire life?

Are you questioning your job or career and wondering if there’s a better match for you? Do you know that there is, yet just can’t find the courage to make those big steps?

Do you simply want to experience more peace and fun in your life? Are you looking for a spiritual path that fits your heart?
I’m here for you.
I can assist you in the clarity that is necessary to realize what you want and what you need and how to take the steps towards manifesting your good life into a great one!
Go Ahead…click the link above and see what you have to gain!

It doesn’t take the beginning of a New Year to focus on your desires, though since it’s here, NOW is the PERFECT time!!
Peace and Joy, Now and Always,
Jill xoxo

P.S. My new website has now been launched! I’m thrilled to have you a part of my world during this exciting time! Check it out!!

Jill Simpson
Life Coach
Wildly Well-Balanced


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